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Air Conditioner Tune Up

Air Conditioner Tune Up

Did you ever wonder what a thorough AC Tune Up (also know as “annual maintenance” or “annual service”) of your air conditioning system should consist of? At KJ Thomas Mechanical, we have a 29 point air conditioning tune up checklist that our technicians use to ensure that your AC is checked out and ready to keep you cool this summer.

Scheduling an air conditioner tune up is a good way to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, avoid having it fail during the heat of summer, and prevent more costly maintenance issues. After you read this post (and the previous post on how your air conditioner works), you should have an idea of what happens during a tune up.

Air conditioner tune up basics

  • Someone needs to be home to provide access to the furnace area.
  • We often have a special pre-season tune up price posted on our website or included in our seasonal newsletter. Or, you can call 303-435-8141 to find out the current price.
  • It’s best to schedule the tune up before the summer heat hits, just to make sure your air conditioner is running properly.
  • The outside temperature needs to be at least 60 degrees to do a tune up. If it’s colder, it’s difficult to tell whether the air conditioner is cooling the air, or if Mother Nature is! Once in a while, she fools us with some cooler temperatures and we may need to reschedule with you.

Air conditioner tune up checklist

What can you expect KJ Thomas Mechanical to do to make certain your air conditioner is running well after the tune up? The answer is, whatever it takes! In one case, that required removing a wasp nest from the AC control box!

Wasps built a large nest in this air conditioner control box
Thanks to Karl, this air conditioner control box is no longer a home for wasps.

A typical air conditioner tune up involves checking the unit outside the house, at well as the components inside.

Karl cleans and checks the outside AC unit

Outside, we will:

  • Clean condenser coils and fins
  • Check electrical connections and tighten
  • Check coolant level
  • Inspect components in control box
  • Check tubing for clogs and leaks
  • Check fan motor operation

Inside, we will:

  • Check furnace filter
  • Check drain lines for clogs
  • Check duct work for leaks
  • Check blower motor operation

From the moment our uniformed and courteous techs introduce themselves until the time they drive away, our goal is provide you with outstanding service. After inspecting and verifying the components in your system, they will spend a few minutes with you reviewing the checklist. You will understand how your system is functioning and whether further work is recommended. Before leaving, e work area will be cleaned up and left in a condition as good or better than before. As always, we appreciate feedback both for things we did well and things you’d like us to do differently or better.

As part of our furnace or AC tune up service, we can remind you when it’s time to schedule annual spring and fall routine maintenance which may be required to maintain your warranty. We are happy to call or email you in May and September to help you set up an appointment for your air conditioning and heating tune ups. Call the office at 303-435-8141 to get on our list.

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Schedule your tune up

The summer heat is due to arrive this week, so make sure you’re ready to stay cool. Call KJ Thomas Mechanical at 303-435-8141 to schedule your annual tune up.

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